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003: Becoming a Confident You with Nicea Degearing

About Nicea

Nicea Degearing has been a TV news reporter and anchor on ABC 4 and is now the host of Emmy award winning morning show Good Things Utah. In her spare time, Nicea MCs local events and appears in commercials for local businesses like the Utah Honda Dealers. She has two daughters who attend high school, and you can often catch her being an obnoxious dance or swim mom. Her favorite child is her golden doodle named Miles. 

How to gain confidence and put yourself out there

  • Don’t ask yourself: “I wonder if I could do that.” 
  • Instead, say: “That looks interesting. I think I’ll try it.”
  • Stop questioning yourself. 
  • Believe in yourself, even when nobody else does. 
  • Don’t be fake, but when you act confident, confidence will come. 
  • Stop chasing the opinions of others. 
  • “Who you are is what you are best at.”
  • “What you bring to the table is enough!”
  • Forge your own, unique path. You are best at you.
  • You may be the juiciest apple on the tree, but some people just like pears. Stop stressing about what other people think of you. 

Focus on CONNECTING with people

  • Listen as much as you talk. 
  • Talk to people. Not at them. 
  • Be YOU. 

The balance of Yes and No

  • Say yes before you are ready. Be willing to branch out. 
  • Also, be willing to say no. 
  • It is okay to say know in a kind and polite way. 
  • When you say no, you are prioritizing. 

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