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011: All things Women in Business with Heidi Rowan

Heidi’s Story

  • Heidi worked for an ad agency, radio, and selling internet to higher education. 
  • She got laid off from her job, and her dad recommended that she become an insurance agent at All-State. 
  • She started her agency from scratch in 2004 and grew pretty quickly. She opened a second office in 2008 right before the market crash. 

How to get through difficult times

  • Control what you can control. Let the other things go. 
  • Control your attitude. 
  • Be a positive leader. 

Marketing and getting Leads

  • You should have a lot of different sources for leads. 
  • Don’t put all of your lead generation in one bucket. 
  • When you have multiple sources of leads, if one lead source is underperforming one month, you’ll still be okay. 

Being successful as a business owner

  • Have a good attitude. Your employees will match the attitude that you bring inn. 
  • Know you’re core values and mission statement. 
  • Hire, fire, and evaluate on those core values. This will build a company culture around your values. 
  • These values and mission statement can be fluid. They can change. That said, you shouldn’t be changing them all of the time. 
  • It’s easy to train skills and software, but you can’t train core values. Hire people that align with your values and train the skills.

How do you keep everything together?

  • Hire the right people to do the right things. You won’t be good at everything. 

Advice for new agency owners

  • Find mentors or other people in the industry. 
  • Bounce ideas off of other business owners. 
  • Be willing to try new things. 

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