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006: Failure is NOT an Option with Judy Wiggins

About Judy

Judy Wiggins is an award winning and recognized Allstate agency owner in the Houston, Texas area. She has been living the small business owner dream/rollercoaster ride since November, 2012 after leaving a 12 year teaching career. She owns two locations and currently employees nine people on her team. She loves collaborating with other small business owners, especially women owned business as we have our own unique challenges and strengths. She has been married to Michael for almost thirteen years and they have one son, Luke, who is eight. As a family, they love to travel, go for daily walks, and seek out adventures. She loves to binge watch TV shows, read, run, and when she’s in the mood, cook and bake. Judy also truly enjoys working in her community and being of service to others. 


  • When Judy bought her agency, the advise she received was: “Don’t screw this up.”
  • Judy decided that failure is not an option, and she decided not only to not “screw it up,” but to do amazing. 
  • Her team was extremely successful early on. 
  • When you set a goal, commit to it and follow through. 
  • Be willing to make adjustments and pivots. Business is hard, and things are always going to change. Be willing to make adjustments as needed. 
  • Make changes gradually and strategically. 
  • Build a great team! 
  • Serve your community! When you serve and help others, they will come back to you for business in the future. 
  • When crisis (like COVID-19) hit, find creative ways to engage with people and help them. 
  • If people don’t see you all of the time, they will forget about you. Stay engaged and stay connected. 

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