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005: Upgrading Yourself with Amy Masters

Amy Masters is a Salon owner of 28 years. Amy is a leader and go-to expert in the nail industry. She is known for her public speaking and motivation to be your best self. In 2016, she clicked into the digital world, creating online international courses for hustling business women, teaching techniques on how to be profitable. Amy hosts a weekly show interviewing industry leaders on Tech Talk Worldwide along with her weekly inspirations on Masters Mindset Mondays. Her mantra is to spark ignite and shine.

Create Your 2.0 - Upgrade Yourself

  • Just like a phone, we need an upgrade. 
  • When you get a notification that a new version is available, don’t hit “remind me later.” 
  • Commit to updating and upgrading to the newest version of yourself.
  • You you afraid of the update? Are you afraid of change? 
  • Each morning you need to upload and put yourself in the right mindset. 
  • It takes 5 seconds to spark an idea in your mind. 
  • You can choose to implement the idea, or you can move on to the next idea. 
  • Those 5 second ideas can lead to 5 minutes of action and 15 hours to shine. 
  • We don’t have to be perfect! We just need to be the best version of ourselves today. 
  • What do you work for? What is your purpose? 
  • Take care of yourself. If you neglect yourself, you won’t be able to keep going. 

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